What Do Spill Kits Contain?

No matter what industry you are engaged in, auto repair shops, manufacturing workshops, warehouses, medical facilities, and other public places, there will almost always be a certain degree of liquid leakage, which will cause pollution to the environment and harm human health to a certain extent.
To deal with this problem effectively and safely, you need an emergency spill kit.

The Jiaheproducts spill kit generally contains absorbent material and some protective tools and cleaning tools.

Kits are generally divided into three different categories: Oil spill Kit, Liquid spill Kit, and Universal spill Kit. Our Jiaheproducts also have a certain amount of stock for conventional kits according to the needs of international customers.

Oil spill kit: oil absorption material and protective tools, cleaning tools, usually we divide it into 30L/45L/120L/240L/660L/1100L according to different capacities
Among them, 3OL and 45L are packaged in kits, and 120L and above will be packaged in mobile kit barrels so that we can move the kits according to different leakage locations, which is convenient for us to deal with oil spills and oil spills in time.

Chemical spill Kits: Also known as hazmat kits, designed for spills involving highly corrosive acids and solvents.
Hazmat spill kits contain yellow absorbent for handling hazardous chemicals.

Universal spill Kit: This leak kit is designed for water-based liquids and hydrocarbons.
It is made of grey absorbent for effective cleaning of water and oil.

Usually we include:
oil-absorbing mat 4050cm, oil-absorbing sock 7.6cm1.2m
oil absorbent pillow: 20cm*25cm
Protective tools include latex gloves, goggles, recycling bags, cable ties, kits (clear kits and canvas kits are available), Or move the kit barrel.

When an accident happens, Jiaheproducts spill kits are your best choice. In an emergency situation, easy to use.
and all the parts or qty. can be ordered as your requirements.

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