What Are Moving Blankets Used For?

Moving blankets are to furniture what boxes and bags are to everything else when moving from one place to another. Moving blankets protect your furniture, floors, and walls from scratches while being moved. They also prevent furniture impact damages that can occur during vehicular transit and other movement incidents, all while keeping your furniture clean and making them easier to move (no need to lift, just drag it).

Our moving blankets are manufactured from non-woven fabrics and cotton for surface protection, using a double-lock stitching technique to ensure durability. They are available in multiple colors and come in different material thicknesses and finishes, making a very customizable product according to your needs.

Whether you are a mover or just moving your furniture, whether it is to another room or a remote location, our moving blankets will always protect your furniture and surfaces from scratches and damages.

What are moving blankets used for?

  • To wrap and protect the furniture that is being moved from one location to another.
  • To protect the furniture being moved from scratches, damages and getting dirty during transit and movement.
  • To prevent unnecessary movement of furniture while in transit.
  • To protect your flooring and walls from damage/scratches when moving furniture.
  • To make movement of furniture easier.

Introduction of moving blankets.

  • They are usually a blend of polyester mesh and cotton, working together to form a heavy-duty blanket.
  • They are manufactured from non-woven fabrics and cotton padding (to ensure full protection during transit).
  • They are made with the double-lock stitching technique (so material layers stay tight and secure).
  • They are available in different thickness (+weight) and colours.

Under what circumstances do you need to use moving blankets?

  • When moving furniture from a store to a household or from one household to another.
  • When moving furniture (especially if heavy) from one room to another.
  • When leaving furniture unutilized for a long period of time.
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