The hottest selling item nowadays our company

Do you know more about the PVC silt curtain?

Today our production line is making the PVC oil spill containment booms, which are from the new client’s order, this is their initial order of just 200meters, our workers are very responsible for this item.

Product Making


We develop the new products of the oil spill mat which is very hot selling in our shop. We could do it as customized. Here is one of the items.


Are you the newer in the oil spill incident field?

If you are interested in absorbent products, we are willing to introduce more.

We are specialized in oil absorbent products for more than 19 years and yearly productions are up to more than 4000tons.

We have main the 3 series of absorbent products, they all made of 100%pp, the white oil only, the yellow chemical and the grey universal series. The hottest selling series is the oil-only absorbent items.

Here are the several questions concerning the oil only series you would like to know:

1 What will they absorb? They could absorb oil or oil-based liquid only, the engine oil, the hydraulic and the gasoline…etc.

2 Where can be used? They could be used on the water surface even though they could be kept floating always after fully absorbing.

3 What field they could be used? They could be widely used in maritime affairs, docks, aviation, and the industry engine, etc.

Hereby is our regular items of the dimpled and perforated oil items:



Fresh shipping cabinet today.

Today we shipped out 3containers, one is to Australia, one is to Indonesia, and the last we ship to Canada.

One of the containers to Canada is for our new client, they are satisfied with the sample we made for them, so they place the order from our shop soon.

1XL-20030Oil absorbent boom,20cm*3m,4pcs/bag180 PCS
2BW1335Oil absorbent boom,13cm*3m,4pcs/bag150 PCS
3OSM2056Oil absorbent boom,20cm*5m,2pcs/bag200 PCS
4WP35020Dimpled and perforated oil absorbent roll,80cm*50m,200g,50cm with tearing line50 rolls
57998ADimpled and perforated oil absorbent roll,40cm*50m,200g,50cm with tearing line600 bags
6PCD-001Dimpled and perforated grey universal absorbent roll,40cm*50m,200g,50cm with tearing line50 rolls

What about our warehouse?

We have 1000 square meters of our warehouse, and based on the development of the business with our clients, this year we expanded the warehouse area, besides we have clean and tidy warehouse environment. Here are some of the corners.

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