Standard Oil-Only Absorbent Roll

If you are cleaning up spills outside, you want your absorbents to become fully saturated with whatever you are cleaning up, not rainwater. oil-only absorbent rolls & pads are your best option for outdoor spill control & prevention. They repel water leaving their full absorbency for oil-based liquids. We only use the highest grade polypropylene and require the highest manufacturing standards. We personally visit our material supply plants in Canada and the United States. The result is a durable, high-quality absorbent pad you can trust.
1. Wringable for reclaiming fluids.Eco,
2. oil-only absorbents are the best and the standard for skimming oil off the water.
3. Open fibre construction draws fluids to the centre of the pad.
4. Willn’t tear or rip even when saturated.
5. deal for cleaning machinery, tools, and throwing onto spills.
6. Will absorb oil-based liquids and fuels



Oil absorbent roll is made of 100% polypropylene, the basic process is three steps as below:

  • Melt blown process: We have 6 machines for melt-blown and the width is 1.6m
  • Perforation process: We laminate with the first layer and the third layer of spun-bond, at the same time we make dimples if need, after then it will be much durable. At the same time, our machine makes perforation on the semi-finished rolls.
  • Packing: This mat we usually have two package methods: PE bag and PE bag with cartons, the first is economical for use while the second is good for storage and selling.Our oil absorbent roll can absorb 17~20 times more oil than its own weight after testing.

    As we are manufacturer directly, so we can supply competitive price with fast delivery and stable quality. Need more information about our sheets, pls contact our sales team in 24 hours.




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