Silt Curtain

A floating silt curtain is a product that can be used for both land and water-based applications, with the customer choosing the appropriate type depending on the operating environment.

The floating silt curtain is used to contain silt during construction, dredging, or marine maintenance projects. For waterside, floating silt barriers (also known as silt curtains, silt grates, or turbidity curtains) surround and contain suspended silt and allow time for it to settle. For land-based projects, piled silt fences form a barrier for runoff filtration.

Proper installation of these products can help you stay in compliance by controlling silt and reducing stormwater pollution. Floating silt curtains and turbidity curtains are some of the most common solutions for water-based siltation or turbidity control. Designed to keep solids contained long enough to settle to the bottom, these barriers help address pollution at marine construction sites, shorelines, and other areas dealing with displaced silt or sediment.

All of Jiaheproducts floating silt curtains are manufactured locally and are available in a variety of models.



The silt curtain is mainly used in rivers and lakes pollution control, water body restoration, aquatic system reconstruction, silt dredging, dredging operations, diversion and algae prevention and other scientific research or water area projects. During the outbreak of lake algae, the use of algae barriers can effectively reduce the spread, drift and diffusion of aquatic plants, control water pollution, and gradually improve water quality. During the port construction dredging operation, due to the spread of turbid mudflow, which causes harm to the ecological environment and aquaculture, the algae-retaining oil fence can isolate the local construction water area from the non-operating water area, so as not to spread the pollution and effectively protect the ecological environment. At the same time, it can also be used at the tap water intake of the city to protect the drinking water source.

Silt curtain has high strength, good wave riding performance and good stability.
The water flow can pass through the filter cloth curtain body, and the turbidity is not easy to pass through.

The antifouling effect can reach 90%, and the construction operation is simple and quick.
Choose different materials according to the experiment cycle of the subject, effectively reducing the cost of scientific research.

The floating body can choose a single combined type or an integrated, flexible floating material.
The length of each section of the water turbidity curtain, the height of the skirt, and the size of the floating body.

Determined according to the actual conditions of the user’s actual waters such as depth, flow velocity, wave height, and wind.


TOTAL HEIGHT(MM)1400240034004400
FREEBOARD (MM)280280280280
WIND SPEED(M/S)15151515

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