Safety Eyewash and Shower 304

Compound emergency shower and eyewashes are widely used for emergency purposes in hazardous work areas of enterprises such as laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, chemical plants, and electronics workshops. When chemical liquids or toxic substances are splashed on the eyes, faces, or bodies of workers, the device quickly minimises damages. It reduces the harm to the bodies caused by toxic and harmful substances.

The Jiahe Industrial and Environment Protection factory in China produces and distributes large quantities of eyewash and shower units for enterprises around the world. All units feature an automatic emptying device at the outlet which can discharge the wate water after use and avoid corrosion.

Material: 304 SS;
Thickness: 3MM
Working pressure: 0.2-0.4MPA
Process: Polishing processing, high brightness, corrosion-resistant.




  • Eyewash filter: High-density PP+304 double filter, can effectively filter impurities in water and make the water foggy and soft.
  • Eyewash assembly: 304 SS casting parts with a fine finish, 90°bend tube is Seamless tube, will not burst when water pressure is high.
  • Eyewash basin: 1MM thickened straight edge basin, can gather water more effectively and prevent spray splashing.
  • Shower basin: 304 SS, diameter 260mm, thickness 0.6mm, 360° rotating sprayer, large coverage, meet and exceed ANSIZ standard (spraying diameter should be more than 508mm at the height of 1524mm). The shower flow is 180L/min.
  • Shower ball valve: inner diameter 24mm, outlet flow can be 172L/min at water pressure 0.25Mpa; eyewash ball valve: inner diameter 15mm (gaskets at both sides), outlet flow can be 24.8L/min. Both valves are two-chip ball valves, which are better than one-chip ball valves. Large aperture can meet the ANSIZ standard.
  • Tubes: Inside and outside polished 304 SS tube, thickness is 3MM.
  • The base: 6070 aluminum alloy die casting, this material has a high density which can bear high pressure (304 SS is optional)
  • Water inlet and outlet: 5/4” screw thread (can be customized), middle inlet type (can be customized).
  • Performance: good resistance of acid, alkali, salt, oil and other corrosive solutions.
  • Functions: Used in petroleum, chemical, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries. Quickly rinse to reduce damage at the first time when chemical liquid, toxic and harmful substances and fire splash to staff’s body, face and eyes.
  • Optional configurations: Emptying devices; 316 SS material; flange connection; variable diameter joint; water source filter; foot pedal, etc.
  • Standard: ANSIZ358.1.2009.
  • Packing details: Carton (74cm*28cm*23cm), 1 piece/carton, gross weight: 13KG.


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