Industrial Wipes

The large roll has a double-layer structure, which is made of wood pulp/polyester, has water and oil absorption, is soft and does not drop dust.

The cleaning effect is good, and it has excellent absorption performance for water, oil and other solvents, and can quickly absorb water, oil and other liquids, improving labor efficiency.

Industrial wipes are one of the main products of Jiaheproducts, which can be used for cleaning various industrial equipment and precision equipment. It effectively removes oil, grease, paint, ink, and adhesives. The product is suitable for removing most stains in a variety of industries, including construction, industrial, automotive, decoration, DIY advertising, etc.

The textured side of industrial cleaning wipes gently but effectively removes all long-existing contaminants. The textured side of industrial wipes helps to enhance cleaning power. Apply the best dose of detergent to industrial wipes to efficiently clean machines and instruments. The smooth side of industrial cleaning wipes will effectively retain stains and prevent secondary contamination.

Jiaheproducts’ products are not harmful to the user and the environment, are easy to use, simple and safe. Jiaheproducts’ industrial wipes have excellent cleaning ability, even stubborn pollutants can be easily cleaned.

Industrial wipes from Jiaheproducts stay wet longer. While most industrial wipes dry out in 5-10 minutes, ours stay wet much longer! The industrial cleaning wipes inside the package stay moist and usable even after the package has been opened for days!




• Quickly absorbs about eight times its own weight.

• Works well without flocks.

Suitable uses:

• Wiping the surface of all kinds of machines, equipment, instruments, and cleaning all types of irregular parts.


• PE bag/PE bag and carton


1. Standardized packaging can greatly reduce storage costs

2. Point breaking processing, convenient to tear a single piece of use Advantage 3: The large roll type is equipped with a special paper holder, which is more convenient to use


1. It’s a wipe for cleaning in our whole day.

2. It can keep dry and wet in the condition of high humidity. Can be used multiple times

3. It is much economical, and is widely used as wipe paper in the electronics industry.

4. Strong moisture absorption, strong clean feature, soft and wear-resistant, low dust generation rate, heat sealing edge, corrosion resistance, dust-free packaging.

5. Suitable for dust-free wiping of clean rooms in the electronics industry; optical instrument manufacturing, SMT steel mesh wiping in the printing industry and cleaning of precision instruments; automobile beauty; nursing industry.

Basic Use:

Requirements for dust-free performance, cleaning and maintenance of various mechanical equipment, and maintenance of mechanical processing center equipment.


The electronics industry, Pharmaceutical, biochemical, printing industry, food production, machining center, aircraft engineering, etc.



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