Spill Kits

Spill Kits

Spill response kits are special equipment sets designed for specific circumstances. They vary in type – oil absorbent, chemical absorbent, or universal absorbent – and absorbency – ranging from leakages of 30 L to 1100 L. Companies will find spill kits most effective after staff has been trained in emergency spill response procedures. Contaminants can be moved from leakage, into absorbent materials, to safe containers in just a few simple steps. During this procedure, responders can remain protected against potentially hazardous materials by using the kit’s PPE.

Spill kits can be customized to suit the needs of each workplace. Any oil absorbent, chemical absorbent, or universal absorbent product from the Jiaheproduct line can be included in a custom spill kit. A typical spill kit includes absorbent mats; absorbent socks; absorbent pillows; safety goggles; latex gloves; garbage bags; mobile bins.

Hazardous materials can be handled safely with the use of absorbent and spill kits and these response kits will quickly and effectively clean up and control road spills. While cleaning up, prepare a pop-up pool, universal spill kits, absorbent socks, liquid, oil absorbents, absorbent pads, and drain seals for emergencies.

Jiaheproducts offers a wide variety of industrial and commercial spill kits for use in the control and cleanup of hazardous chemical spills. Jiaheproducts exceptional products are designed to absorb water, oil, and chemical spills quickly and easily. Available in a variety of sizes. You can choose the one that suits your needs in our company.

Jiaheproducts spill response kits can effectively clean up oil and fuel spills on land or water and protect the environment from pollution. For example, absorbent pads help to maintain a cleaner and safer work environment. Jiaheproducts full range of absorbents (oil only or general-purpose) ensures the fast and rapid absorption of liquids before spreading.

Jiaheproducts also provide spill kits for any size and type of spill.