Oil Booms

Oil Booms

Oil containment booms are designed to form a physical barrier against spills that can also absorb oil. Water surface oil containment booms typically comprise a floating barrier wrapped in oil absorbent felt and a protective outer net. They are convenient to use and can be towed with a ship in open water by rope.

In order to solve a wide variety of problems, oil containment booms come in different configurations. Fire-proof oil containment booms are specially designed for containing oil spills that are at risk of ignition, whereas inflatable PVC barriers are designed for a simple, lightweight barrier. Furthermore, the silt containment curtain is a unique type of boom that features an added skirt to prevent the drift of sediments through water. They are widely used during dredging and reclamation work.

Jiaheproducts oil containment boom is a large, operational flotation device designed to control oil or chemical spills in water. They help reduce potential environmental contamination and assist in recovery operations. Oil is less dense than water and therefore buoyant, meaning that when it is released into the ocean, it naturally floats to the surface, rather than sinking to the bottom or hovering in the middle. This makes oil containment booms very effective as a barrier, trapping oil in thick layers of water. Any oil released into the water will flow to the surface, where a fence awaits to contain it.

The oil containment boom is to take in the spilled oils rather than clean them up. Once the spill area is controlled, clean-up crews will determine the best course of action to remove the oil. Equipment such as skimmers is recovered to extract oil from the surface and oil will be collected in storage tank containers.

The oil containment booms are effective based on a correct assessment of positional conditions, using selection criteria for the correct booms, including an examination of float/skirt height, tensile strength, and reserve buoyancy. In most cases, following proper deployment and containment guidelines should result in proper boom containment performance.

Jiaheproducts products can be customized according to the needs of users and can be used for a variety of water bodies and pollutants collection and containment operations. Jiaheproducts has mature oil containment boom products for sale and manufacturers, and we have been serving a large number of domestic and foreign customers for a long time, which is highly praised and recognized.