Oil Absorbent

Oil-only Absorbent Series

Oil absorbent materials are made from 100% polypropylene, with excellent absorbency and applicability to land and water surfaces. They will remain floating after saturation and allow recycling of approximately 80% of oil content. After use, products can be incinerated to less than 0.02% ash.

If you work in an environment full of oil, gasoline, lubricants, and other hydrocarbon liquids, there is a high chance of a leak. As long as you have the proper tools at hand to quickly and safely clean up leaks, you can do a safe and efficient job. Otherwise, when workers try to clean up spills, productivity can be reduced, or even worse — causing injuries and/or litigious slips and falls.

Jiaheproducts produces a variety of oil absorbent pads, oil absorbent rolls, and booms to avoid all these potential accidents! These are the most efficient and economical products for cleaning up such spills. Designed for the oil leaks, they are a must for mechanics, machine shops, and many other operations where there is always a risk of oil spills.

Jiaheproducts oil absorbent products are specifically designed to absorb spilled chemicals and other hazardous liquids. The inner core material has abrasion resistance in areas of high population flow and is antistatic when dealing with flammable liquid spills, making these pads ideal for handling dangerous spills safely and effectively.