Chemical Absorbent

Chemical Absorbent Series

Chemical absorbent pads, mats, and other products from Jiaheproducts are specially designed to handle spills involving chemicals and other hazardous materials. Each product is designed to suit specific situations and spaces, whether indoors in a workshop or outside on site.

Products in the Chemical Absorbent Series include pads, mats, rolls, pulp, socks, and more. They can absorb strong acids and bases, solidification agents, and other unknown liquids. After absorbing chemicals and other hazardous liquids, products can be incinerated to less than 0.02% ash.

Oil or chemical spill containment is pollution caused by the release of liquid petroleum hydrocarbons into the environment, including offshore and onshore oil spills. Oil spills can be the result of leaks from tankers, offshore platforms, drilling platforms and oil Wells, ships, heavy vehicles, machinery, and so on. Oil spills have a devastating impact on the environment and can be a major environmental problem. Jiaheproducts chemical and hazmat absorbent pads&rolls are the ideal chemical pollution clean-up products.

Jiaheproducts chemical and hazmat absorbent pads&rolls are made of highly absorbent general synthetic materials with a densely woven fine fiber outer layer and a high-quality melt-blown core wrapped inside. Chemical and hazmat absorbent pads&rolls are bonded to the core by sound waves, improving the durability and absorbability of the product. The product is precisely designed to maximize fluffiness and water absorption, which can absorb water and petroleum-based liquids as well as a wide range of hazardous chemical materials.