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spill kits

What Do Spill Kits Contain?

No matter what industry you are engaged in, auto repair shops, manufacturing workshops, warehouses, medical facilities, and other public places, there will almost always be

How to Make Oil Absorbent Cotton?

The manufacturing process of Jiaheproducts polypropylene (PP) absorbent cotton is to first obtain melt-blown polypropylene non-woven fabric and then make it into various forms of

oil absorbent pads

How to Use Oil Absorbent Pads?

Jiaheproducts oil absorbent pads are designed to allow you to deal with minor leaks, drips, and spills. If all you need to clean up oil

floating silt curtains

Do You Know Floating Silt Curtains?

Floating silt curtains are mainly used in lake pollution control, water restoration, aquatic system reconstruction, silt dredging, dredging operations, diversion, and algae protection, and other

Jiaheproducts started working

Under the control of the new crown epidemic during the Spring Festival this year, most of our employees chose to stay locally instead of returning

Notice of holidays

The holiday atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger. The holiday time of Jiaheproducts is from February 8th to the 18th, and normal work is on

2021 Annual Meeting

2020 is over. All the foreign trade staff of Jiaheproducts conducted an annual summary report and invited leaders in other industrial chains to participate in

Merry Christmas

Christmas is coming, every companion received a gift from our company, we all embraced by the warmth and happiness. What is the meaning of the

JiaheProducts Chemical Absorbent Series

Chemical Absorbent material, It’s been specially treated and can absorb strong acid, strong base, solidifying liquid, and other unknown liquid. such as hydrochloric acid, phosphoric

Gold Certification Shooting

According to the company’s development needs, our company has opened 3 Alibaba Verified Gold Supply Platforms. Alibaba Verified Gold Supply is a high-quality supplier that

120L Emergency spill kits

When an accidental spill happens, the spill kits are your best choice in an emergency situation.Spill kits are easy to use, and all the products

Thanks Giving day – Jiaheproducts

Today is Thanksgiving day, Jiaheproducts hereby truly wishes you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the day with your family and lover. Thanks to meet

Growth History Of Jiaheproducts

No matter where we are, we will provide professional and timely products and services. In March 2002, Jiaheproducts was established, focusing on the R&D of

How to Use a Spill Kit?

Spill kits are widely used in many industries such as workshops, gas stations, or other industries.Now how to use spill kits? Protect yourself first Open

What Are Moving Blankets Used For?

Moving blankets are to furniture what boxes and bags are to everything else when moving from one place to another. Moving blankets protect your furniture,

What is the SMS Nonwoven Fabric?

Therefore, Today, let’s learn about SMS Composite Nonwovens, which are widely used in today’s market. And we are making these materials every day and recently

Hot News in Our Company

2020-7-20 The PVC silt curtain which is the hottest selling item nowadays our company. Do you know more about the PVC silt curtain? This item

Latest Delivery for Melt Blown Fabric

We loaded 2*40HQ of mask materials to Spain on 17th, July. Hydrophobic PP Spunbond, 25 GSM, Width: 175mm, color blue, waterproof 2,000 KG PP Meltblown,

Meltblown cloth for mask

During the new COVID-19, we provided enough raw materials to meet the production needs of masks. To help people around the world fight the epidemic,

Donation of Masks to Local Red Cross

In response to the Covid-19 pneumonia epidemic, we have already donated 93,000 pcs of surgical masks to the local Red Cross. As a company in

What Is Oil Pollution?

Oil pollution refers to pollution caused by oil leakage and discharge in the process of oil exploitation, transportation, loading and unloading, processing, and use, which

Oil Receivers – Preserving Spilled Oil

“Oil receiver” refers to any mechanical device specially designed to recover spilled oil and oil-water mixture on the water surface without changing its physical and