Meltblown Non-woven Fabric Characteristics and Application

Melt-blown extrusion is a manufacturing process used to make a fabric called non-woven fabric, which is made of polymers such as polypropylene. Traditional fabrics made of natural materials such as cotton are woven together, which means that the material is first formed into yarns and then interwoven using a weaving or knitting process to form fabric pieces from the yarns. Non-woven fabrics do not involve connecting yarns by weaving or knitting; instead, they combine materials made of separate fibers of molten polymer mechanically, thermally, or chemically to form a net-like fabric.

Melt-blown non-woven fabric has many desirable characteristics, including:

  1. Absorbability
  2. Bacterial barrier
  3. Buffer
  4. Filter
  5. Flame retardant
  6. Retarding
  7. Liquid repellency
  8. Elasticity
  9. Softness
  10. Sterility
  11. Strength
  12. Stretching
  13. Washability

1) Through electret treatment, the melt-blown non-woven fabric produced by Jiaheproducts has a better adsorption effect on viruses, bacteria, and particles in the air than ordinary melt-blown non-woven fabrics, effectively blocking viruses, bacteria, and other harmful substances in the air Spread. Air, and has better protection performance.
2) Jiaheproducts meltblown non-woven fabric have been tested by a qualified third-party testing agency, and the test results show that the product performance meets the requirements of the national mask standard for key performance indicators of raw materials. (SGS)
3) Jiaheproducts meltblown non-woven fabric can be used to produce N95 protective masks, medical-surgical masks, disposable medical masks, ordinary civilian masks, and other anti-epidemic products.

Under good and stable storage conditions, the BFE and PFE of melt-blown fabric will not decrease in about 6 months.

Select high-quality polypropylene as the basic raw material, and use the international leading processing technology to produce. This product has excellent characteristics such as stable melt flow performance, narrow molecular weight distribution, low ash content, no other product residues, and excellent spinning performance, which can meet the requirements of high-end melt-blown polypropylene non-woven fabric production.

Each roll of melt-blown will be accompanied by a test report, and display the test time, temperature, humidity, test flow, resistance, and particle filtration efficiency. The test flow can be selected as 32/85/95L per minute. The most popular detection flow rate is 32L/min. Jiaheproducts can also provide you with FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3 melt-blown.

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