Let us know more about the Meltblown fabric which is hot selling in our factory nowadays

The melt-blown fabric is also called Melt blown nonwovens. They are made of 100%PP, but this fiber has a very good range function, as this fiber’s diameter can reach even 1-5 microns.

The normal weight of this material is from20gsm-50gsm.

Width: generally from 175mm-280mm.

How is the process of this material?

Below is the six the mainly production process they should need:

  1. Melt preparation
  2. Filtration
  3. Measurement
  4. The melt is extruded from the spinneret hole

5. Melt drafting and cooling

  1. Networking

Due to the epidemic happened all over the world, and they’re still the rebounding left, according to the production which sees from this market, to be the core material of the masks, they still have a large demand for the world market now.
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