Latest Delivery for Melt Blown Fabric

We loaded 2*40HQ of mask materials to Spain on 17th, July.

Hydrophobic PP Spunbond, 25 GSM, Width: 175mm, color blue, waterproof2,000KG
PP Meltblown, 25GSM, BFE>98%, width: 175mm300KG
Spunbond PP, 25GSM, Width: 195mm, color white, doesn’t need to be waterproof2,200KG
Hydrophobic Spunbond PP, 50GSM, Width: 260mm, color white, Note: First layer of N95 mask, must be waterproof.3,333KG
Meltblown PP, 25GSM, BFE>98%, Width: 260mm500KG
Spunbond PP, 25GSM, width: 260mm, color white. Note: This is the inner layer of the mask. Doesn’t need to be waterproof1,667KG
Meltblown ES, (Hot air cotton), 25 GSM, Width: 260mm500KG
Nose wire 3mm for surgical face masks,single-core500KG
Nose bridge 5mm for N95 Masks, double core500KG
Earloop for surgical masks, 3mm1,000KG
Earloop for N95 masks, 4-6mm flat bound empty inside500KG

The demand for these above materials is increasing all over the world.

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