Jiaheproducts Oil-only Absorbent Series

Oil absorbent material is a kind of functional material used for treating oil. It is mainly used for the treatment of crude oil leakage, the treatment of oil leakage and oil outflow from factory machines, the treatment of oil content in industrial wasted water, and the treatment of waste oil. Of particular importance in recent years has been the handling of oil spills (sea and onshore). With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the limitation of industrial emission cost is more and more strict, so the application of oil-absorbing materials in environmental protection will be more and more extensive.

1-Jiaheproducts Oil Only Absorbent Products is 100% polypropylene absorbs oil or oil-based liquid only such as engine oil, hydraulic oil, gasoline, diesel, kerosene. water-resistant.

2- oil absorbent product apply to the land-water surface, after fully absorbing, keep floating always.

3-Can recycle about 80% oil after fully absorbing, and reuse it.

4-Burning after using, ash ≤0.02%.

5-Absorbency of oil type absorbent material is 18 times its own weight.

6-the product type can be oil absorbent pad, oil absorbent roll, oil absorbent sock, oil absorbent pillow, oil absorbent boom, oil absorbent pulp, oil absorbent granule.

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