How to Use Oil Absorbent Pads?

Jiaheproducts oil absorbent pads are designed to allow you to deal with minor leaks, drips, and spills.

If all you need to clean up oil or oil-based liquids – the oil absorbent pads are exactly what you need. They only absorb oil and repel water, which also makes them great for skimming oil on water. They’re ideal for engine oil, hydraulic oil, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, transformer oil, vehicle fluids, grease, petroleum, oil-based solvents, and more. They are perfect for medium-duty industrial, maintenance, and general applications quickly absorb leaks, spills, and overspray to keep floors dry.

Jiaheproducts oil absorbent pads have three types you can choose from:

  1. Standard type: 100% melt-blown, without non-woven cover, more economical.
  2. Sonic Bonded type: With the non-woven cover, waterproof and coriaceous.
  3. Perforated type: With the non-woven cover and with the perforated line, perforations allow you to tear pads into different sizes based on your application, saving the cost.

When oil leakage occurs under the machine, you can place a corresponding thickness of Jiaheproducts oil absorbent pad directly under the machine according to the amount of oil dripping, so that you don’t have to worry about oil pollution on the floor, then replace them regularly. If there has been a leak on the ground, we need to enclose the oil with an oil absorbent sock, then take an appropriate amount of oil absorbent pad and place it in the oil leakage place. Wait for them to absorb the oil until it is saturated, and then replace a clean one. At this time You can choose a perforated oil absorbent pad, tear off a part of it and use it to save cost.

The oil absorbent pads are also suitable for the treatment of river and lake surface oil spills. Because they are in sheet form, it can absorb oil more quickly than the oil absorbent sock and oil absorbent boom. The oil absorbent pad itself only absorbs oil, repels water, so they can still float on the water after completely absorbing the oil. Therefore, when oil spills occur on the river or lake, we can use the thick oil absorbent pads, lay them on the water surface and wait for them to be saturated, or use tools to drag them to increase the oil-absorbing area, and then use tools to catch the oil absorbing pads. After use put it in a special garbage bag for disposal.

3 types oil absorbent pads
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