How to Use a Spill Kit?

Spill kits are widely used in many industries such as workshops, gas stations, or other industries.
Now how to use spill kits?

  1. Protect yourself first

Open the spill kit and wear safety goggles and gloves on your eyes and hands.

  1. Absorbent booms or snakes

If there is a drain grid nearby, the released liquid may leak into the drain grid. Please use a boom or a snake to protect the grid. Otherwise, place the booms/snakes at the forward edge of the spilled fluid in the direction. It is moving to contain it.

Absorbent pads and pillows Place the absorbent pad or pillow on the fluid in the boom area or any other location where the fluid needs to be absorbed and then absorb the fluid onto any surface that has splashed.

Saturated sorbents:

Saturated sorbents may be disposed of in the disposal bags provided in your spill kits. Proper storage and disposal guidelines should be followed whenever using Jiaheproducts spill kits. The handling, storage, and disposal of this product may be governed by the state, local, and/or federal environmental and transportation laws, rules regulations. The buyer is solely responsible for proper storage and disposal of the product when saturated as well as compliance with such laws and regulations. Consult authorized government agencies or other qualified people for disposal treatment or spill saturated product.

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