How to Make Oil Absorbent Cotton?

The manufacturing process of Jiaheproducts polypropylene (PP) absorbent cotton is to first obtain melt-blown polypropylene non-woven fabric and then make it into various forms of adsorbent material for our customers’ market demand, including adsorbent sheet, adsorbent coil, adsorbent pillow, adsorbent cable, adsorbent fence, and adsorbent boom, etc.

Our factory to make Jiaheproducts adsorption in the production of cotton, you first need to prepare PP polypropylene particles, the material needs to be good, of course, to produce high-quality products, our melt-blown polypropylene particles pass through the first ultrasonic machine feeding it, and then quickly melt-blown extrusion, spray evenly, then stay fiber cooling, Fibre-bonded nonwovens are reinforced with nets on spinning boards. After this process, and then our workers will spray good non-woven fabric through the compound machine, at this time we say the second process, through the compound machine, our simple melt-blown cloth on the reinforcement of two layers of more wear-resistant non-woven fabric.

Finally, according to the customer’s size requirements of adsorption sheet and coil, through our cutting machine, they are cut into each size, according to the packaging requirements into a clean paper bag or carton! This is the last cutting we’re talking about!

Jiaheproducts oil absorbent cotton is also called oil absorbent cotton, industrial absorbent cotton, sometimes people simply call it oil absorbent cotton. According to the characteristics of absorbent materials, it can be divided into oil absorbent cotton, chemical absorbent cotton, and general absorbent cotton.

Oil-absorbing cotton can control and absorb petroleum hydrocarbons, all kinds of acid, alkaline dangerous chemicals, all kinds of oil, coolant.
Jiaheproducts adsorption materials are widely used in wharf, aviation, industrial machinery, and other production and living areas that need leakage treatment. After years of development, Jiaheproducts has cooperated with many well-known domestic and overseas enterprises, such as domestic PetroChina, Sinopec, maritime safety administration, air shipping company, foreign well-known enterprises such as Kimberly-Clark and Bedi.

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