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The PVC silt curtain which is the hottest selling item nowadays our company.

Do you know more about the PVC silt curtain?

This item will be used around the lake, port, ship, and offshore oil drilling platform. And they could avoid the silt pollution of the land reclamation or construction, they have Good stability and a very long time to use.

The silt curtain is necessary to control oil spills, cyanobacteria, and other microbial pollutants on the water surface. When an emergency oil spill occurs, it should first be controlled with secondary products to minimize the risk, prevent the spread of pollutants, and provide conditions for the physical recovery of oil spills.

Once the oil spill at the moment, this item will be in emergency used.

Here are several characteristics of the silt curtain.

  1. High strength, oil resistance, sunlight resistance, long service life
  2. Good wave riding performance, stable
  3. Easy to layout, recycling and storage

Today our production line is making the PVC silt curtain, which is from the new client’s order, this is their initial order of just 500meters, our workers are very responsible for this item. Product production process:


We develop the new products of the oil spill mat which is very hot selling in our shop, We could do it as customized, here is one of the items, which we make the size very small and they could be wrap in rolls.

Here is the new order for their requested of this item, which we shipped out by today:

TY#3060Size: 30inch*60inch
Thickness: 3mm-3.5mm
Weight: 600gsm-650gsm
Packing: 12pieces/carton
3000 pcs

The main material of this item is made of polyester and the PE, and oil spill mat is widely used in oil refining enterprises, like the warehouse and the workplace. For example, it can be laid on the ground with liquid leakage, the surface of the worktable, and the periphery of heavy equipment, such as a punching machine, to prevent oil pollution. Also, we could make and wrap them with exquisite packaging like the below which is very hot selling in American.


We have a clean and tidy warehouse environment.

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