Gold Certification Shooting

According to the company’s development needs, our company has opened 3 Alibaba Verified Gold Supply Platforms. Alibaba Verified Gold Supply is a high-quality supplier that has been verified by the authority of the Alibaba platform. Through a combination of online and offline, the platform verifies and transparently transmits the full strength of the merchant’s corporate qualifications, product qualifications, and corporate capabilities.

Verified Gold Supply needs to be certified once a year. This year is the annual certification time, the third-party certification agency SGS sent professionals to come to the certification shooting.

This time, the company’s workshop, warehouse, office area, and some products were re-photographed.

First, take a photography of the oil absorbent pads workshop and warehouse, and take a photography of the oil containment boom workshop and warehouse. Secondly, Shooting the company’s office area to show the work scenes of our company. Finally, take pictures of some products, such as a universal absorbent sheet, oil/chemical absorbent roll, spill kit, etc.

Jiaheproducts has committed to bringing better products and more comprehensive and high-quality services to customers for 18 years.

Thanks to customers’ trust in the 18 years, we are always on the way to be more professional.

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