Do You Know Floating Silt Curtains?

Floating silt curtains are mainly used in lake pollution control, water restoration, aquatic system reconstruction, silt dredging, dredging operations, diversion, and algae protection, and other scientific research and water projects. In the subject of lake management, it is necessary to enclose local waters to conduct scientific experiments on topics such as water blooms, organisms, plants, etc., to prevent the spread, drift, and diffusion of harmful substances, and achieve the purpose of water body restoration and water quality improvement. In the dredging operation of port construction, the turbid mudflow spreads, causing harm to the ecological environment and aquaculture. Water enclosures isolate local construction water areas from non-operation areas to prevent pollution from spreading, prevent pollution from spreading and effectively protect the ecological environment and aquaculture areas.

A floating silt curtain is a floating barrier used for port, channel dredging, sea reclamation, lakes, and other waters to control the large-area spread of sediment and sediment in the water body. It is to prevent the suspended sediment from drifting back to the water body during the reclamation, port construction and other maritime projects to be suspended again, so as to minimize the negative impact of suspended sediment on aquatic organisms and the water environment. At the same time, it can also be used in urban tap water intakes to protect drinking water sources.

Over the years, Jiaheproducts has been committed to the production and design of anti-fouling screens. It has a very rich experience in the production and use of anti-fouling screens and a strong R&D team. Jiaheproducts has successively served many domestic and foreign large-scale sea reclamation, waterway dredging, and river development and improvement projects.

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