China’s Maritime Department Completes the Encirclement and Control of Lake

Huawang Shandong Channel 4 (reporters: Xu Bing; Liu Baosen) – Through continuous day and night operations, the Maritime Department has finished the Hu Tai oil fence. After 280 pieces of cement I-shaped block were used for enclosure control, the lake is now ready for the smooth layout of the oil fence.

In the early morning of April 4, the Maritime Department coordinated the transport of the available cement i-blocks by tugboat from Rizhao, Jiaonan, Yantai, Weihai, and other places in Qingdao to the oil containment area. Following transportation, the Shandong Maritime Department immediately launched work on site.
The cement I-shaped blocks weigh 3 to 4 tons each, so to speed up and innovate the process the staff first hoisted the blocks to the side of the ship with a crane, and then fixed them with a cable. After the steel wire rope of the crane was detached, each cement block was manually released and put into the water. The supervising project manager from the Maritime Department said that as long as the visibility is sufficient and the weather conditions at night allow it, the maritime department would continue to fight all night to secure the oil fences.

According to another report, the Maritime Department transferred forty fixed anchors from the Qingdao area and ten anchors from the Yantai Oil-Spill Emergency Technology Center, all of which have been transported to the operation site. In total, 600 floating anchors were prepared. A large number of anchor ropes that were also urgently mobilized from Qingdao, Yantai, Weihai, Jiangsu, and other places to fasten the oil fence were also transported to the operation site in time.

Furthermore, after a large area of green algae drifted to the coast of Qingdao, the maritime department is laying a 32000-meter oil fence around the Olympic sailing competition area to isolate and protect it adequately. On April 4, the Shandong Maritime Department dispatched 348 staff members and 65 vessels of various types to participate in maritime operations, and 7200 meters of oil fences have been placed so far.

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