Chemical Absorbent Pillows: What are they used for, and how?

A large number of chemical spills, use high-capacity chemical absorbent pillows to solve them, these pillows can quickly absorb hazmat liquids to ensure everyone’s safety. These pillows are specially treated to absorb a large amount of spilled acid, alkali, unknowns, battery acid, and potassium hydroxide.

The chemical absorbent pillows are very suitable for absorbing a large number of chemical spills. The chemical absorbent pillow is very suitable for handling corrosive chemicals, or, more importantly, when you are not sure what the leaked liquid is, you can use the absorbent pillow. It is filled with strong oil-absorbing floc, which is small and easy to carry. The design of the anti-reflux principle can ensure that the liquid collected in the bag will not flow out.

How to use
The shape of the absorbent pillow can be arranged arbitrarily. It is absorbed by the material containing superfine fibers. The packaging design is reasonable. It can be placed in chemical laboratories, chemical plants, on the ground, corners, uneven places, behind truck seats, emergency chemicals, or other Harmful leakage treatment in any small space in the strain equipment group or in the workplace, wear-resistant, and chemical-resistant. It can prevent the chemical liquid from harming the environment. When used at the bottom of the tank switch or other places that are prone to dripping and leakage, the absorbent pillow can be placed in the wide-bottomed drip tray for single-use and often replace the absorbent in the tray. It can also be reused after packaging and can be fully burned as fuel after use.

Why use – Performance characteristics
High liquid absorption ratio, fast absorption speed, easy storage, high-temperature resistance, and repeated use.
Absorb the widest range of acids, bases, and unknown liquids, even high-concentration liquids such as 98% sulfuric acid and 30% sodium hydroxide
The chemical absorbent pillows will not degrade or cause dangerous reactions when it comes in contact with corrosive spills
The pillow has a large surface area, large capacity, and fast moisture absorption filling, which can quickly absorb liquid; very suitable for increasing absorbency during overflow response
Polypropylene skin is resistant to chemicals and tearing; reduces dust and keeps liquid even when saturated
Polypropylene packing is highly absorbent and can contain corrosive or reactive spills
Yellow is easy to distinguish to ensure that workers use the correct pillow in a spill emergency
After use, it can be incinerated, the ashes ≤ 0.02%, and the incineration will not produce poisonous gas.

Where to use
Mainly used in chemical plants, laboratories, chemical leakage areas, and other chemicals and other harmful liquid adsorption treatment.

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