What Do Spill Kits Contain?

spill kits

No matter what industry you are engaged in, auto repair shops, manufacturing workshops, warehouses, medical facilities, and other public places, there will almost always be a certain degree of liquid leakage, which will cause pollution to the environment and harm human health to a certain extent.To deal with this problem effectively and safely, you need […]

How to Make Oil Absorbent Cotton?

The manufacturing process of Jiaheproducts polypropylene (PP) absorbent cotton is to first obtain melt-blown polypropylene non-woven fabric and then make it into various forms of adsorbent material for our customers’ market demand, including adsorbent sheet, adsorbent coil, adsorbent pillow, adsorbent cable, adsorbent fence, and adsorbent boom, etc. Our factory to make Jiaheproducts adsorption in the […]

How to Use Oil Absorbent Pads?

oil absorbent pads

Jiaheproducts oil absorbent pads are designed to allow you to deal with minor leaks, drips, and spills. If all you need to clean up oil or oil-based liquids – the oil absorbent pads are exactly what you need. They only absorb oil and repel water, which also makes them great for skimming oil on water. […]

Do You Know Floating Silt Curtains?

floating silt curtains

Floating silt curtains are mainly used in lake pollution control, water restoration, aquatic system reconstruction, silt dredging, dredging operations, diversion, and algae protection, and other scientific research and water projects. In the subject of lake management, it is necessary to enclose local waters to conduct scientific experiments on topics such as water blooms, organisms, plants, […]

Chemical Absorbent Pillows: What are they used for, and how?

Chemical Absorbent Pillows

A large number of chemical spills, use high-capacity chemical absorbent pillows to solve them, these pillows can quickly absorb hazmat liquids to ensure everyone’s safety. These pillows are specially treated to absorb a large amount of spilled acid, alkali, unknowns, battery acid, and potassium hydroxide. The chemical absorbent pillows are very suitable for absorbing a […]

Meltblown Non-woven Fabric Characteristics and Application

Melt-blown extrusion is a manufacturing process used to make a fabric called non-woven fabric, which is made of polymers such as polypropylene. Traditional fabrics made of natural materials such as cotton are woven together, which means that the material is first formed into yarns and then interwoven using a weaving or knitting process to form […]

General/Universal Absorbent Series | Jiaheproducts

Universal Absorbent Material It’s been specially treated and then can absorb any hazardous liquid and any other unknown liquid such as oil, refrigerant, water, gasoline, hydraulic oil, vegetable oil, anti-freezing solution, acetone, xylene, etc. Characteristics: After a special process, it will absorb any hazardous liquid Burning after using, ash≤0.02% Type:universal absorbent pad, universal absorbent sock, […]

Jiaheproducts Oil-only Absorbent Series

Jiaheproducts Oil-only Absorbent Series

Oil absorbent material is a kind of functional material used for treating oil. It is mainly used for the treatment of crude oil leakage, the treatment of oil leakage and oil outflow from factory machines, the treatment of oil content in industrial wasted water, and the treatment of waste oil. Of particular importance in recent […]

JiaheProducts Chemical Absorbent Series

Chemical Absorbent material, It’s been specially treated and can absorb strong acid, strong base, solidifying liquid, and other unknown liquid. such as hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid,98% vitriol,30% sodium, hydroxide, hydrofluoric, acid, etc. Character :1. After special process can clean the chemical and other hazardous liquid2. Apply to any chemical or hazardous liquid3. Burning after using, […]

120L Emergency spill kits

When an accidental spill happens, the spill kits are your best choice in an emergency situation.Spill kits are easy to use, and all the products can be ordered as per your requirement.Spill kits are applied to the tank truck, gas station, workshop, warehouse, etc. any possible spill place.There are three types of spill kits:1-oil only […]