Attention: Melt Blown Fabric Price Rising

As it is near to the Chinese New Year, all we prepared to ship out the cargo before the new year, but cause the epidemic, the shipping company is too busy and no place for the cargo, difficult for us to order a container, with this situation, all the shipping freight is rising. Also with […]

Diversified Strategy Helps Shanghai Textile Become High-tech Industry Leader

The most advanced models from major global auto companies attracted the attention of visitors at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, but in the background, a Chinese manufacturing powerhouse performed an important, albeit subtle, role. In recent years, the continuous transformation and upgrading of Shanghai Textile have resulted in an “indissoluble bond” with the automobile industry; […]

Decontamination and Effective Oil Containment in Dalian Sea Area

On the 18th, Liaoning Maritime Bureau and associated departments in Dalian put significant human and material resources into cleaning up the marine pollution caused by an oil pipeline explosion. By 15:00 on the same day, Liaoning Maritime Administration and other departments had dispatched 400 maritime staff, and coordinated more than 40 ships and 100 other […]

China’s Maritime Department Completes the Encirclement and Control of Lake

Huawang Shandong Channel 4 (reporters: Xu Bing; Liu Baosen) – Through continuous day and night operations, the Maritime Department has finished the Hu Tai oil fence. After 280 pieces of cement I-shaped block were used for enclosure control, the lake is now ready for the smooth layout of the oil fence. In the early morning […]

3000-ton Fuel Carrier Stranded For Three Hours

When a 3000-ton freighter carrying fuel oil ran aground in the waters of Haihe River, the maritime department worked out a rescue plan along with the shipowner and a tugboat operator and rescued the stranded ship successfully three hours later. At 14:45 on March 16, the emergency command subcenter of the Haihe Maritime Safety Department […]

Testing of Advanced Self-propelled Skimmer on the Fujian Coast

Taiwan Straits Network – May 31 (Straits Herald Reporter Guo Bingde; Correspondent Wang Suzhen; Wen/ Picture) A sudden oil spill at sea is always a troublesome matter, but don’t worry now – help is at hand. On the afternoon of the 26th of May, a professional oil-spill emergency recovery ship (also known as a self-propelled […]