Jiaheproducts started working

Under the control of the new crown epidemic during the Spring Festival this year, most of our employees chose to stay locally instead of returning home. During the Spring Festival this year, China’s new crown epidemic was controlled very well, and our company officially started construction on February 19. After the start of construction, all […]

Notice of holidays

The holiday atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger. The holiday time of Jiaheproducts is from February 8th to the 18th, and normal work is on February 19th. In order to respond to the government’s call to reduce gatherings during the Spring Festival to prevent the spread of the virus, most of our employees choose not […]

2021 Annual Meeting

2020 is over. All the foreign trade staff of Jiaheproducts conducted an annual summary report and invited leaders in other industrial chains to participate in our year-end summary meeting. This year, we summarized which customers our oil-absorbent cotton products have increased, which countries are distributed in, which customers have liquid-absorbent cotton products have increased, and […]

Merry Christmas

Christmas is coming, every companion received a gift from our company, we all embraced by the warmth and happiness. What is the meaning of the festival? In my opinion, it reminds us not to forget to love and to be loved, so have you say Merry Christmas to your friend and family today? This is […]

Gold Certification Shooting

According to the company’s development needs, our company has opened 3 Alibaba Verified Gold Supply Platforms. Alibaba Verified Gold Supply is a high-quality supplier that has been verified by the authority of the Alibaba platform. Through a combination of online and offline, the platform verifies and transparently transmits the full strength of the merchant’s corporate […]

Thanks Giving day – Jiaheproducts

Today is Thanksgiving day, Jiaheproducts hereby truly wishes you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the day with your family and lover. Thanks to meet you in the boundless huge crowd! 18 years together, thank you for your company, We will work together for a better future!

Jiaheproducts last delivery of 10tons of melt-blown filter

Deliver 10 tons of melt-blown filters to Romania client. Melt blown filter is the main part of disposable masks, the usual size is 17.5cm*25g/m2, it’s the middle layer, used to protect the face from dust or bacteria. We have 6 melt-blown fabric production lines with daily production of up to 10-12 tons and have exported […]

Growth History Of Jiaheproducts

No matter where we are, we will provide professional and timely products and services. In March 2002, Jiaheproducts was established, focusing on the R&D of oil and chemical hazardous liquid leakage adsorbent materials and containment products. Participated in the water treatment of Shanghai Baosteel Reservoir in 2008. The company cooperated with Shanghai Fudan University to […]

We Develop a New Product In Our Production Line

We have developed new products in the production line, the following are the product details: The specific of this item: Name: oils and scum SPA Nonwoven absorbent ball Colour: regular one is blue, also can be customized Weight: 73gSize: dia 12cmPattern: round Package: the out package can be designed as accordingly, we can put a […]

The hottest selling item nowadays our company

Do you know more about the PVC silt curtain? Today our production line is making the PVC oil spill containment booms, which are from the new client’s order, this is their initial order of just 200meters, our workers are very responsible for this item. Product Making 2020-7-22 We develop the new products of the oil […]