120L Emergency spill kits

When an accidental spill happens, the spill kits are your best choice in an emergency situation.
Spill kits are easy to use, and all the products can be ordered as per your requirement.
Spill kits are applied to the tank truck, gas station, workshop, warehouse, etc. any possible spill place.
There are three types of spill kits:
1-oil only spill kits(white oil only absorbent material)
2-Chemical & hazardous spill kits(yellow chemical &hazardous absorbent material)
3-Universal/General spill kits(grey universal/general absorbent material)

What is the 120L spill kits content?

Oil absorbent pad 40cm*50cm50 pcs
Oil absorbent sock 7.6cm*1.2m10 pcs
Oil absorbent pillow 20cm*25cm10 pcs
Latex gloves2 pairs
Garbage bag&tie8 sets
goggles2 pairs
120L mobile bin10 pcs

Directions for use

  1. If there is oil leakage, please close the front valve of the leak source first.
  2. First, open the spill kit, wear gloves and goggles, and protect yourself.
  3. Then take out the oil absorption sock and oil absorption particles to enclose the leaking oil products to prevent diffusion.
  4. Absorbent pillow is used to absorb large amounts of oil or plug the source of leakage.
  5. Use oil absorbent pad or oil absorption particles to thoroughly absorb the spilt oil products.
  6. Finally, collect the used oil-containing materials into the recovery bag and seal the mouth of the bag with a tie.
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