Jiaheproducts, established in March 2002, is a professional company specialized in developing oil and chemical pollution-proofing and controlling material. We also develop oil spill controlling material and recycling equipment. We integrate R&D, manufacturing, and sales and we have various production lines specialized in oil absorbent materials, with yearly production rates of up to 3,000 tons. We have clear advantages in brand technology and cost control in the oil and chemical absorbing field.

Jiaheproducts has a wide range of professional products, which allows us to deal with emergency environmental pollution problems, hazardous chemical spill problems, for example, we can provide professional spill kit response products, as well as a complete set of hazardous chemicals, oil spill treatment solutions. And our products can be used in both water bodies and on land. They have high absorption efficiency and good effect, and can quickly complete the harmless treatment of harmful substances, thus ensuring the safety of production equipment, and operators, and preventing secondary disasters. The used absorbent material oil absorbent pads&rolls can also be treated in an environmentally clean way. In the case of the river and seawater operations, we can provide various types of silt curtain and oil containment booms to carry out zoning interval operations. It can be widely used in river dredging and land reclamation projects, as well as dealing with environmental problems caused by emergency spills of crude oil and hazardous chemicals. We can also provide a wide range of chemical absorbent series to deal with various emergency situations.

Due to the worldwide spread of Covid-19, the demand for melt-blown non-woven fabric, the raw material for medical masks and related equipment, is growing rapidly. Our company has several professional production lines for melt-blown non-woven fabrics and has mastered various production technologies. We can produce many types and specifications of melt-blown non-woven fabrics according to customers’ needs, so as to fully meet their procurement needs.

At the same time, moving blankets is also a very popular product of our company, which provides convenience and safety for the material handling of a large number of our clients.

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